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Welcome to the website for P.S. Brown, author of Hide and Seek, Wrong Place, Wrong Time and Evil is Easy.


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Amazon Kindle eBook Hide and Seek

An obsessed stalker. A missing young woman. A race against time.

DS James Ripley and DC Coffey have less than 72 hours to find a young woman, kidnapped by her deranged stalker, who is becoming increasingly unhinged and seeking to harm his captive's former boyfriends.

The detectives also delve further into the recent spate of executions carried out by three police officers, and uncover a secret network of vigilantes operating within the police force.


The revelation puts Ripley and Coffey in extreme danger, and they soon discover the frightening lengths to which the clandestine organisation will go to keep their existence hidden.

Amazon Kindle eBook Hide and Seek

Vigilante justice carried out by the police. A terrified witness with nowhere to hide.

Three police officer brothers are killing criminals that have avoided justice for their crimes due to technicalities.

An innocent bystander, Mike Hendy, accidentally witnesses their latest brutal execution and is immediately thrown into a harrowing game of cat and mouse with the brothers. They know who he is and they watch his every move as Mike struggles to find someone to trust who can help him.

DS James Ripley and DC Coffey might be his only hope, but their investigation unearths an even bigger conspiracy that sets off a chain of events with shocking repercussions for Mike, the brothers and the detectives.

Amazon Kindle eBook Hide and Seek

If Peter wants to know the secret, he has to play the game.

When Peter returns to his hometown for a funeral, he's forced to play a twisted version of Hide and Seek.


Six childhood friends have been abducted, and Peter must solve riddles to find and free them before they're executed.

But who is behind the horrifying game? Is the killer one of the friends he is trying to save?

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