Upcoming books

AVENGING ANGELS (DS James Ripley crime thriller series Book 3)

I'm still working on Ripley Book 3 and I'm approximately 70% of the way through the first draft. I usually complete a minimum of three drafts and then send it to my awesome team of beta-readers to review. After working through any notes/comments the novel will then go to a proofreader before final preparations for publication. I'm aiming for a December 2020 release, but those who know me will know that my estimations are sometimes prone to a little bit of slippage!! If you want to receive a notification when the book is released, please sign up to my mailing list via the form on the HOME page.

THE DEADLINE (A short psychological thriller)

I've completed the first draft of this short story and when it's fully finished I will send it to everyone on my mailing list as a little thank you.

Blurb: A Bid Manager works late into the night from a serviced/virtual office on the outskirts of town, struggling to meet the deadline to complete a bid for an important contract. A power cut plunges the office into darkness, also trapping him inside the building. All he can do is wait. His mobile phone goes missing. And then other strange things start happening that make him realise that he may not be alone in the office.

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